Easy Decorating Ideas

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Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Sometimes we just want a change in style, but don’t want to spend any money to achieve that. I am sharing some great, cheap and easy decorating ideas for your home here, so you can have a complete change with very little or no money involved.


Easy Decorating Ideas


Quick & Easy Decorating Ideas that Don’t Cost Any Money

When you want a new look and don’t want to spend any money at all, this would be a great time to move around things that are already in the house. These easy home decorating tips below are worth consideration and playing around with.

Switch Your Drapes or Curtains

You may already have window treatments of the same size in other rooms in your home that can be switched for a new look (in both rooms).

You can consider cutting and hemming them, adding trim or accents with a glue gun or thread, or just bunching them up and tying them to hang differently. Use your imagination here and remember, anything goes. It’s YOUR home.

When I discovered that the curtains I’d bought to use in my bathroom were much too long, I elaborately twisted and tied them to hang just right and it only took a few minutes. And I must admit – the result looked simply spectacular!

Cover Your Couches With Used Linen

Once consignment furniture from the military base was all I had, but I covered those dusty turquoise couches with patterned sheets that were not being used at the time. And I really loved the look – even as I continually tucked and re-tucked them in.

Now I prefer to use the reversible comforters I kept to cover my good couches, and doing that save them from cat and dog hair, and spills. Adding a different color fringed throw blanket on one end of the couch or both, and Wa La, I’ve immediately got a whole new look.

Easy Decorating Ideas Linen Sheets

Switch Around The Furniture

The most fun changes are those with a big impact, aren’t they?

You can get a whole new look by moving your furniture around. You can even take furniture from one room and move it into another room.

Sometimes I take chairs and small tables from other rooms. Sometimes I’ll just rearrange a couch or change it’s angle. There are NO rules here. Do whatever you want?

Change Around Your Wall Decorations

Move a mirror and a few paintings whenever you want. These changes are the simplest changes of all.

Go wild and paint some of your picture frames for totally new wall decor. You can also use your glue gun and make new wall hangings or detail the frames.

Utilize Throws and Throw Pillows

Using throw pillows for color and texture is a common decorating strategy. It is one of those easy decorating ideas that usually has a huge impact on changing the look of a room.

Sometimes you can simply swap your throw pillows around and be rewarded with a whole new look. You can also recover them using table linens OR bedroom linens or old material you have. You can even use towels – from the kitchen or bathroom. They wash up great too.

Easy Decorating Ideas Throw Pillows

Here is a great idea … did you know your old clothes and linens can be made into awesome and totally unique throw pillows? Try saving old socks, pantyhose, or just strips of old material for stuffing them. You don’t even need a sewing machine for this project. A few whip stitches or a glue gun and you have a new pillow!

It’s the little things you can do that often give you the greatest satisfaction, and also save you the most money on your newly redecorated room.

So, try some of these easy decorating ideas, and give yourself a change. Relax and enjoy it – you have just saved a ton of money, and you won by having a complete NEW LOOK!

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